How long would it take to find a tenant?

This can range from a few days to many weeks. As long as your property is priced well, in any market condition, it should lease within a short period of time.

What rent rate could I achieve?

It’s really quite simple, your property needs to represent good value in any market! Your property is compared to other similar properties on the rental market or that have recently leased to assist us in determining what your property could achieve in rent.

What do I need to do to the property to rent it out?

Present your property in its best light, so that means sparkling clean and a well maintained exterior. There are also several legislation requirements that we will guide you through.

How do you market the property for rent?

We are busy all day, 7 days a week showing your home to prospective tenants, the key is to get prospective tenants through your property quickly! Marketing is invaluable and we will put together an exciting marketing package to cover all basis.

How do you select a tenant?

We check, question and verify the all information the prospective tenant has provided on their application form. Once we have carried out all the necessary checks we present the application to you for nal selection.

What fees do you charge?

You can view our simple, all-inclusive fee and details here.

What happens if the tenants stop paying rent?

A tenant not paying rent on time is not something we take lightly! We consistently, every working day, follow strict procedures to ensure that rent is paid on time. If your tenant falls behind then we issue formal notices under the Residential Tenancies Act and seek court action if necessary. We keep you informed every step of the way and most often your insurance policy will cover any loss.

What happens if the tenants damages the property?

We care for your property like it is our own! Depending on when the damage occurred, it will either be dealt with at the cost of the tenant during the tenancy, or repaired and the cost taken out of the bond at the end of the tenancy.

Do I only deal with one person from your Agency?

We want your experience with us to be a personal one. You will have one Property Manager who will exclusively deal with your property from selecting a tenant to nalising the bond.

Do I need Landlord Protection Insurance?

We want the best for you and that’s including your peace of mind. We highly recommend Landlord Protection Insurance, it’s a ordable, easy to make a claim, and will protect you nancially if those unexpected situations occur.

What happens when there is maintenance required at the property?

We arrange all this for you, including quotes if necessary. We love our local contractors and they ensure they do a great job at a great price! But, if this is something you would like to do, then of course we can arrange for you to attend to this yourself.

Do you employee local staff?

Our office is located in Rockingham, Western Australia.  We only employee local staff, who understand the area and understand the industry.  We won’t outsource our service to overseas operations to try to save money!