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What are Tenants looking for in a Rental Property

Jul 25, 2017

In a competitive rental market, it is more important than ever to ensure that your investment property stands out from the crowd and you maintain a tenant for a longer period of time.

It’s great for tenants to have more choices, but as a landlord it does mean that you will need to adjust with the market and present your property to capture a larger number of prospective tenants to want your home over others. This means having features that tenants are looking for. Tenants will generally pick a home with these features over properties that may be slightly cheaper and lack these qualities.

Here are the top picks for tenants;

Air conditioning
We all like to stay cool (and warm) and air conditioning is on the top of the list. While reverse cycle may not increase the value of your home substantially, it does make it more appealing to tenants.

Pet friendly properties attract more tenants to your property. Tenants too consider pets a part of their family.

Clean and Tidy
A well looked after and well maintained and presented property wins hands down.

Modern kitchen and bathroom
Along with modern and clean bathroom and kitchen, a dishwasher is also a must. A daggy outdated kitchen is a turnoff to most tenants and tenants place a lot of emphasis on neat, clean and updated bathrooms and kitchens.

Although there are minimum standards required in relation to security on rental properties, tenants like the idea of a little extra. Like the security door on the front door or a sensor light at the entrance of the property.

Like buyers, renters are looking for location, location, location. Close to public transport, shops and schools. Add this to the items above and you will find tenants are happy to pay a little extra to secure a great location.

The great outdoors
A garden or outdoor space was a top priority, throw in garden maintenance and lawn mowing in the rent price and your property would no doubt be on top of renters list.

Garage, carport or a little shed are also high on the list.

A good landlord
Just like landlords want good tenants, tenants want a good landlord. Regular maintenance and repairs attended to, updated facilities and services and tenants expect to be treated with care and respect.

Paying attention to the above list can go a long way to help you keep your property rented and rental income coming in, even in a competitive market.

If you would like more information on how to attract tenants to your property, please feel free to call Chalk Property or visit our website, we would love to help

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