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Tips to prepare your home for when you’re on holiday.

Mar 27, 2023

With Easter and school holidays just around the corner, many will be packing their bags and taking a break. When planning your trip, it is a good idea to think about how you are going to secure your home before you go. Here’s a few tips to help you on your way:


House Sitter

Asking a friend or family member to house sit (or alternately enlisting the services of a trusted house sitting business) is a great way to keep your house secure while you are away.


Let trusted neighbours know

Let trusted neighbours know your travel plans, they may be able to take your bins in/out or empty your mailbox so it looks like someone is still at home.


Double check all doors and windows are locked

Be sure to double check all locks are properly latched and secure. Remember to lock the shed and remove any spare keys from their hiding spots.


Pause newspaper deliveries

A pile of unopened newspapers in the driveway is a clear signal to others that nobody is home. Consider pausing your subscriptions or asking a friend/neighbour to collect.


Turn off appliances

Protect your appliances from power surges and save power by unplugging them before you go.


Make it look like someone is home

Consider investing in timers for your interior lights and reticulation and have them turn on at appropriate times.


Social media

Avoid posting your travel plans and photos on social media until you are home from your trip.


Consider home security systems

If you already have an alarm and/or camera system, don’t forget to switch it on before you leave and make sure the person looking after your property knows how to turn the alarm off and back on.

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