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You Want To Buy a Home and Your Partner Is Away. You Do Have Options!

Sep 20, 2017

The Story Line

Chalk property your local real estate agency in Rockingham have found you the prefect home.

You want to move quick and make and offer because its perfect. However you partner has just flown out for 2 weeks work and wont be able to sign the offer with you.????

No problem you have options ????. The best option here is for you to act as agent for your partner. This is an accepted way to complete an offer at law and makes your offer binding so you don’t miss out on this perfect property you have been searching high and low for .

In this situation your offer [ the buyer ] would read as follows.

Sam Smith of 2 Brown Street Rockingham & Sam Smith as agent for Peter Smith of 2 Brown Street Rockingham.

This way Sam can sign the offer and also sign the offer for Peter making the offer a binding offer once the seller has accepted and signed.

This avoids you having to wait for peter to get back from work, which can sometimes result in you missing out.

This method of purchase only applies to buyers. If your selling your home and need Chalk Property in Rockingham the local real estate specialist to sell the property for you then all owners need to sign or prepare a power of attorney….That’s a whole new blog. Please feel free to contact us a Chalk Property if you have any questions or need further information about Power of Attorney documents.

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