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Simple Tips to Boost Your Investment Property Appeal!

Nov 29, 2017

First Impressions – Get Some Street Appeal!

Prospective tenants often drive past a property before they make an appointment to view, so have a look at your property through the eyes of a potential tenant.

Mow the lawn, clear any weeds, mulch the garden, paint faded gutters, trim trees and shrubs, check the state of your letterbox and consider improving your entrance.


Tenants like to add their own personality to the home they live in, so wherever possible a fresh coat of modern neutral paint will make all the difference.

Make Minor Upgrades

These don’t have to be costly but can modernise the property by replacing old fixtures such as light shades, taps & shower heads, towel rails, door handles and of course budget for replacing carpet and lino to keep your property fresh.

Add Value

Have you considered adding value to your property? This may sway a prospective tenant to choose your property over the next! Here are some items that tenants love to have; dishwasher, ceiling fans and/or air-conditioner, security screens to doors and windows, shed or exterior storage, bore, automatic reticulation, automatic garage door.

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