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6 ways to make your rental feel like home.

Jun 03, 2022

image of a bed with decorative items

While it’s not possible for everyone to own the property they live in, it is important that a rental feels like home (even if it’s for a shorter period of time). 

With Perth seeing an incredibly low 1.2% rental vacancy rate as of March 2022, (REIWA), it’s clear more people are renting homes than ever before. Combine this with an ‘almost’ post-pandemic climate, and new working from home arrangements, it’s no wonder renters want to transform their space into something they can comfortably call “home”. 

So we’ve put together this list of ways you can express your own personality and transform your rental, without paying for damages out of your bond money.

1) Plants – don’t stop be-leaf-ing!

Plants and greenery can add so much life to a room. Depending on your rental, you may want to look for low light plants, or plants which thrive indoors. If you really don’t have a green thumb, then fake plants can look just as good (and don’t come with the added responsibility). If you have pets, make sure you check beforehand whether your new plant is pet-friendly, as some plants are actually toxic to cats and dogs. 

If you have a plant that needs drainage, make sure you always use a water or drip tray underneath to avoid unplanned water stains on the floor. For outdoor plants, you will have much more freedom by opting for potted plants, as these can then be transported to your next home or rental. Raised potted garden beds are also a great option for renters wanting a veggie patch that can also be mobile when needed. If you’re looking for native Australian indoor plants for your rental, you can check out this list here.

2) Rugs – beautiful & practical

Floor rugs are not only a great styling element, but they can also serve a more functional purpose in your rental. By covering the floor, you’ll be protecting the original flooring, causing less wear and tear over time. 

And don’t just think of one rug for a space – layering rugs and textures can be a fun way to add your style and personality into your interior decorating, while also visually separating spaces from one another. A great example of this is a home where the kitchen, dining room and lounge room are all in one open space. Adding a rug under your couch or dining table will immediately distinguish that space from its neighbours. Plus, if you don’t like the original flooring of the rental, rugs are your solution! Need more rug inspiration? Read this article for more ways to use your rug to brighten your rental.

3) Mood lighting & candles 

Lamps and lighting can transform the way a space looks and feels. Whether it’s swapping out the cool globes for warmer colours, or adding smaller lamps on coffee tables or in corners, having the right lighting will make you feel more at home and at ease. Let’s also not forget the fact that you can easily save on your power bill by swapping older globes for LED globes, which actually use less energy to run. 

Large statement lamps can also provide more light in areas of your rental where there might otherwise be darkness. If lamps are not an option, you can always invest in candles or battery powered candles. Lastly, if you’re wanting to light up your outdoor space, we love these solar powered fairy lights from Bunnings.

4) Your bed – your way

We will spend about one third of our lives sleeping, which is why investing in a good bed, mattress and bedding is not a bad idea. When it comes to your bed, it’s vital to have the right set up for a good night’s sleep. This will help you feel at home in your rental and not like you’re staying at a motel. Decorating your bed with pillows, rugs or nice bedding can help create a sanctuary where you can truly relax. 

5) Smell 

There’s an old wives’ tale that some real estate agents will bake bread or cookies and strategically bring them to their home opens. The thought behind this tactic is that the smell will ultimately help the agent sell the home! Smell is so important for nostalgia and can help you feel relaxed in your own space. Candles, diffusers, incense or air fresheners, as well as natural flowers or scents can really help you feel at home.

6) Accessorise with vases, artwork and statement pieces 

Accessorise around your rental by adding artwork, vases, bowls, trinkets, candles, ornaments, clocks, throw rugs, magazines and cushions. These are all items you can bring with you wherever you go as well. If you have artwork you love but can’t hang at your rental, consider leaning frames against walls instead. Otherwise there are temporary hooks which can be another solution, however be warned – sometimes these hooks can stick to paint and peel it off, so you will want to be cautious when hanging artwork or images.

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